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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Places to Play in Pa: The Please Touch Museum

Hey all!! We're back!! Well, we really didn't leave on purpose, but the reality of the past few months have taken us all over both emotionally and physically. But I did miss doing this so much, so thought I'd start with something current and work our way backwards.....

The Please Touch Museum is in Philly and very very easy to get to-- you dont have to go into Center Coty from the PA side at all-- its right in/near Fairmount park in a gorgeous old building. Honesty, we went years ago in their old location and it was a little skinny thing right in the heart of the city with city parking- ugh! But this is much better location wise esp. with little kids, which I would hope you would have with you as its a kids museum ;)

The grand entrance is grand and the kids ran right to the automobile/mechanic section and began tinkering away. Now, online it says they dont sell lunches, but they totally do-- simple stuff, but you dont have to pack a lunch unless you want to. We packed and their cafeteria was nice, although I would imagine it getting crowded on a weekend.

The kids liked the water play area and the grocery store too-- very cute.

But, I am gonna be honest here, as far as kid's museums go (and this is our 4th), this one gets a C in my book. Here's why it didnt score big-- bad use of space!! This is my biggest complaint as other museums with their size (port discovery in baltimore and The childrens museum in pitts) have floor to ceiling settings for you to use. Floor to CEILING!! Lots of climbing, moving, exploring, etc. PTM just had wasted space everywhere above maybe 20 feet. Also, in the basement, there was tons of empty space. I also felt the museum had way too many 3 and under areas-- way too many! I have a 3 and under and older kids and I paid the same price for both. I felt the whole museum was geared more to this age group in general rather then 2-8 who would like to imagine and explore too. There water area was nice, but not awesome. Baltimore and Pitts' water rooms were memorable-- our kids could have stayed for hours and hours.

So, here is my concensus, and disclaimer-- this is my two cents and the first time I felt somewhere deserved an actual grade--- take a car ride down to Baltimore's port Discovery or stay simple and go to Lancaster's Hands on House and pay half the price.