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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caught Being Good Charts

Hey all!!

Well, I got a little frustrated today with the whole "if you do that, you loose this" routine. Yes, it worked and got them motivated, but I felt like it was discouraging more then anything.

So, I decided to make some caught being good tickets and the deal is when they are caught being good (like doing something first time they are asked, go out of their way to help someone, listen the first time) they get a little ticket. The ticket goes into a little baggy with their name on it and they start saving them.

In our house tv/movie time is a big deal, so for 5 tickets they get 30 minutes of tv, for 10 tickets they get a movie and a snack, and for 15 they can go to the store and pick out a new book. We made the book worth more as books are of greater worth and the only option that holds any type of financial tie. Now, for your children they may be motivated for art time, computer games, outside play, etc... whatever works and is a "special" treat :)

So, here are the tickets I made:

And here is our little fridge reminder:

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