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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blueberry ice Cream Pie

Hey friends-- I made my version of this pie for memorial Day and even though there are several steps, each one was fairly simple. It was very good, very, very good. So good not a crumb was left behind :)

Now, when you go to the Better Homes and Garden Link you're gonna be scratching your head and wondering what happened to my pie.

Life happened.

That and the fact that I made some switcheroos and tweaks and misread a part.

Heres what I did differently: Not being a big almond fan, I bought a graham cracker crust. I also didnt see the part where I was supposed to add some of the blueberry sauce and I added all of the sauce. But, it was still really yummy and my oh-so willing taste testers gave it a make again approval. It is a very good pie to serve at your house, but not a pot-luck pie or bring to someone since you can never assume they have freezer space ;)

Now, I am a huge blueberry fan-- love them. Once when I worked at a summer camp where fruit was in short supply, my mom brought me a huge thing of blueberries and I was so fruit deprived and they are my favorite, I ate the whole thing in about 5 minutes and was very sick. All that to say, they are my favorite, but you could totally do this with strawberries or blackberries ;) Happy summer eating!


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