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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{hello summer time}

Summer time is officially here for our family.

Big sigh of relief- phew!

We've whipped out the slip n' slide and I am so excited my daughter is actually giving it a go this summer! So proud of her!

I am convince my older son is part fish somewhere since he has always been 100% water baby and now water boy. I'm thinking (and grant it this is completely unscientific) that is from being pregnant with him through a long hot summer and swimming every day to escape the heat. He is so funny doing the slip n' slide though and names his slides "the knee bomb" "the back dive slide" etc. Very amusing.

And then there is our youngest and he is still very hesitant and not too sure of himself yet on the slide or in the water in general. He likes to stand on the other side and put his hands in the spray and is very happy doing this as long as it doesn't get in his face :)

So, we don't have any crazy big plans for the summer-- I don't do to well in the heat (this I blame on being pregnant 2 hot summers) and we like vacationing in the off times. I look at my calendar and it is so pure and white, but, sigh, I know it will fill up fast enough and then August 1 will be here and will be back in homeschool mode.

So, for now, I'm pouring myself a tall glass of water and saluting a happy summer to y'all!

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