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Monday, May 30, 2011

{Places to Play in PA: the Art Museum}

Daddy had to work in the city, so we drove him down and then went to Fairmount park and headed up to the art museum. If you get nervous about taking kids to the city, this was a very populated area and easy for them to stay close to me and still get a good look around. We parked in the back of the museum and then walked around front to see the Rocky statue and do the famous run up the steps.

A few things about this off the topic of the actual art museum, 1. You HAVE to run up the steps-- I can remember doing it for the first time and pumping my fist in the air at the top-- priceless! Watching my kids do it was great-- plus, a great way for them to burn off some extra energy before heading inside. 2. trying to explain to your kids who Rocky is can be sort of complicated. He was in a movie but not a real person but he ran on these steps... we were talking in circles...

Now on to the museum...

I had worn my youngest in our back pack carrier as I thought that strollers weren't allowed inside, but they are and back packs are not. You can wear front slings and happy news- they have strollers for you free of charge. I do reccomend using one of theirs so you can run up the rocky steps and not have to use the ramp. But, thats just me...We also packed our lunch and the cafeteria that they have downstairs was very nice. Another great perk-- it's one of the most affordable and least crowded museums in the city.

Okay, enough logistics... on to the inside :)

The armor room was my sons absolute favorite and he could have stayed forever and just taken it all in over and over. We did have fun picking out what we thought was the oldest, hardest to make, and offered the most protection. We Loved the impressionists-- so beautiful and peaceful with the paintings. The older European arthad a lot of Jesus being crucified and some other dark elements and wasn't their favorite.

Now not to offend anyone, but there were a lot of boobies.

A lot of boobies.

I told my kids they were all getting ready for their baths. Not the greatest answer, but it was quick thinking on the spot. And just giving you all a heads up. We kept using this one elevator by a statue with some major bubbies and I found out later there was another elevator by the cafeteria.

We made sure to bring some paper and colored pencils along. I chose colored pencils as they can do the least visible damage. We didnt have to worry about any stray markings, but just in case, it's good to be prepared. This was actually one of their favorite things to do to and they did really well. Sure, they interpreted some of the people as being green or the flowers being plue when they were yellow, but they made it their own and they were beatiful works of art.

Love this of my baby starting young :) He did so well riding around the whole time. Very proud of how they all did-- we didn't make it a long visit, but they did very well in the 3 hours or so that they were there :) So, hope you can enjoy this lovely outing as well... Also, if you want us to check a place out, send us a message-- we LOVE exploring our amazing state!


angie said...

Isn't the art museum still free on Sundays? What a great perk! I have pics of my kids drawing in one of the rooms where they offered lap easels, paper, and drawing tools for the kids.
Hanna has a field trip to Franklin Institute tomorrow. Since she also has dance at 5 in NE Phila, we are going to just stay for the day. We will see much more of the museum than will be possible on the class trip and grab dinner somewhere in between. I'll let you know if we find any must-do's along the way.

Becky said...

It is the first sunday of the month only now... bummer. But, when we went on a friday we only had to pay for mommy's ticket and the kids were free :) Thats nice that they had easles for them all set up!

Katie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Ok...laughed hysterically about the body parts!!!!! Nice response...sounds like something I would have told my class.