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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Baby is turning five!!

This summer my little man will turn--- FIVE!! A whole hand! Halfway to double digits! Ahhhh! Its crazy and the thing is, he keeps happily counting down the days eagerly planning his pirate themed birthday party while, I, the mommy, just wanna pull him up on my lap and hold him a little tighter so that maybe I can keep him four a little longer... not possible, but hey, while I can dream big dreams for him I can also dream to keep him my little boy forever and ever!

He is my miracle boy. The baby we gained after the first was lost. The baby that proved doctors and the medical world just a little wrong by showing that God can do big things even when radiation had done some yucky things to my body. I will never forget the day he was born-- does any mom forget the day she welcomed a little angel from heaven into this world? My husband and I went in for a routine checkup and after my blood pressure kept going higher and higher, I was sent over to the hospital. And just when the staff there got my blood pressure under control, I went into labor. And then I had a c-section and then when I held him for the first time he was so soft. His little cheeks were perfect. He had that perfect newborn hospital smell. And he stopped crying and snuggled in close to me. And it wad pure love. Sure these days he knows how to push my buttons, but he still gives some amazing hugs and is a little charmer through and through. And when he tells me I am his favorite cook ever, its the highest praise. And when he tells me nobody makes funnier voices then mommy when I read, its like winning an acting award from the top. And when he tells me at the end of the day that he needs one more hug and kiss to go to bed, it's my pleasure. He is a one and only and I am so glad he is here with us.

Cooking for others

This past Easter our church did an amazing musical presentation. And I not having time to commit to weekly rehearsals, memorizing lines, etc. signed on to help do the hospitality. It was such a blessing to serve others this way and then this week two people from the church called me to do the food again for smaller events going on in the church. Sadly, I can only do one as one falls on the weekend of my race, but tomorrow I am making lunch for a mission team of Navajo children and some kids from our own church and, well, I have the night before butterflies. I am keeping it simple, just salads, sandwiches, veggies-- that sort of thing, but still for 30+ people, it always becomes a little bit more then the normal day of lunch duty for four :)

But, I seriously love to do this-- I like making food for people and watching them enjoy it whether its my immediate family or my family at church. Its ministry to the tummy ;) I am thankful that I know God has given me the gift of hospitality, but, I am gonna be honest here, I do wish he had equipped me with a slightly bigger kitchen! But, I just keep telling myself if I am faithful and use what I have, then who knows? If this is the only space I ever have, then I have to be okay with that because He knows what we truly need and what we might abuse or are not ready. Anyway, all that to say I am so excited about doing lunch tomorrow and hope it goes well!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hot and sticky

We had the most nice break form the humidity this past week and it was heavenly! Every summer my urge to move to the north out of the heat and into the mountains becomes stronger. I am not alone-- my boys heads get so hot I am expecting little planets to begin orbiting them one day. I put them all down to sleep in just a diaper or their undies so they have less to stick to them and I can keep the air conditioning at a reasonable temperature. So, what to do this summer when I have to close the blinds to help keep it somewhat cooler and so plunge our house into a semi darkness and take brief trips out back until we can no longer take the heat. Thankfully, we have a great library program, a spray ground close by, and regal free movies. Also, there will be painting with pudding, bubble blowing, body painting and anything else that needs a full body spray down after wards with a hose :) Of course, cooking in the summer always becomes less enjoyable-- who wants warm food when you're outsides are so hot? And baking? Forget about it! Unless I do it early in the morning its not happening. Okay, I do like naps on warm days and swimming in the summer, but I have to say that the humidity is a deal breaker... someday... but alas, I can't tell God where to plant our family, but I can drop some hints ;)