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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hot and sticky

We had the most nice break form the humidity this past week and it was heavenly! Every summer my urge to move to the north out of the heat and into the mountains becomes stronger. I am not alone-- my boys heads get so hot I am expecting little planets to begin orbiting them one day. I put them all down to sleep in just a diaper or their undies so they have less to stick to them and I can keep the air conditioning at a reasonable temperature. So, what to do this summer when I have to close the blinds to help keep it somewhat cooler and so plunge our house into a semi darkness and take brief trips out back until we can no longer take the heat. Thankfully, we have a great library program, a spray ground close by, and regal free movies. Also, there will be painting with pudding, bubble blowing, body painting and anything else that needs a full body spray down after wards with a hose :) Of course, cooking in the summer always becomes less enjoyable-- who wants warm food when you're outsides are so hot? And baking? Forget about it! Unless I do it early in the morning its not happening. Okay, I do like naps on warm days and swimming in the summer, but I have to say that the humidity is a deal breaker... someday... but alas, I can't tell God where to plant our family, but I can drop some hints ;)

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