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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cooking for others

This past Easter our church did an amazing musical presentation. And I not having time to commit to weekly rehearsals, memorizing lines, etc. signed on to help do the hospitality. It was such a blessing to serve others this way and then this week two people from the church called me to do the food again for smaller events going on in the church. Sadly, I can only do one as one falls on the weekend of my race, but tomorrow I am making lunch for a mission team of Navajo children and some kids from our own church and, well, I have the night before butterflies. I am keeping it simple, just salads, sandwiches, veggies-- that sort of thing, but still for 30+ people, it always becomes a little bit more then the normal day of lunch duty for four :)

But, I seriously love to do this-- I like making food for people and watching them enjoy it whether its my immediate family or my family at church. Its ministry to the tummy ;) I am thankful that I know God has given me the gift of hospitality, but, I am gonna be honest here, I do wish he had equipped me with a slightly bigger kitchen! But, I just keep telling myself if I am faithful and use what I have, then who knows? If this is the only space I ever have, then I have to be okay with that because He knows what we truly need and what we might abuse or are not ready. Anyway, all that to say I am so excited about doing lunch tomorrow and hope it goes well!

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