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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spelt Pasta with Veggies-- kids will love!

I am in love. Wih spelt pasta-- seriously a thousand times better than wheat pasta which I have always personally found a little too nutty for my taste. It is also lower in carbs which makes me very happy too! I made this last night and it was so delicious-- even the hubby ate it and he believes he is allergic to vegetables. The kids devoured it. And I was in pasta heaven. So, I had to share the resipe-- so simple, so easy, and very, very healthy! 1 box of spelt pasta 1 zucchini 2 small heads of broccoli or 1 large head choppes a handful of baby carrots or 2 carrots chopped half a pint of cherry tomatoes or one large tomatoe diced 4 tbs of olive oil 2 tbs of butter 2 cloves of garlic pinch of fresh chopped parsley for top freshly grated parmesean cheese In a large pot bring water to boil. While the water is boiling, add your carots and broccoli into the pasta water (chop them first). This saves pots, flavors your water, and makes things so much easier. In a saute pan, melt butter and add in olive oil. Add garlic for a few minutes. Toss in chopped zucchini. When pasta water is boiling, scoop out broccoli and carrots and add them in to the saute pan. Season with pepper generously-- peppered veggeies are amazing. Boil pasta.
When pasta is cooked, add it into the veggies and turn heat to low. I added a little more olive oil here (you could do coconut to make it even healthier, but I prefer the taste of olive oil with my pasta). Dump the whole lot into a bowl. Add diced tomatoes and parsley. Garnish individual plates with freshly grated parmesean cheese. Now, I want to give you a heads up, spelt pasta is much more then your average box of spaghetti-- even wheat, but when you figure how much it would spend for 5 people to eat out for pasta, its a steal and so much healthier then anything a local eatery might serve you. Same with the grated parmesean cheese-- fresh is so much better and its still cheaper then eating out and you can have as much as youd like without waiting for someone to come to your table and ration out your cheese. Okay, enjoy-- this was so good, so simple, and best of all really good for you-- it looks like youre having a salad with some pasta mixed in.