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Sunday, April 1, 2012

{a mother's love}

Before I had my own kids, if I had been asked to define a mother's love, I would have said, well, I really don't know as now it means so much more then those three little words.

Its more then loving them when they smell so good after a bath you could hold them forever and just breathe in their scent.

It's more then loving them when they give you that first toothless grin or belly laugh for the very first time.

It's loving them when you have been up all night. for. an. entire. week.

It's loving them when they spill milk-- not just on a clean floor, but for the 87th time that week.

It's loving them when they go through more outfits in one day then a celebrity-- and you know that means you'll be washing every single piece.

It's loving them so much because you are the only one who knows how to kiss their boo-boo, chase away the monsters, and soothe their tummy aches.

It's loving them when they say something cringeworthy in public-- and loving them enough to take them back out in public again.

It's loving them when they hurt you, dissapoint you, throw tantrums, and insist their life would be much better if you were the maid and if you were the nicest mom ever like so and so's mom.

That's what a mother's love is-- loving them when you want to go in a closet and let out a good scream, when you know you can't save them from the world or shelter them from all it's evil, loving them so much it hurts so bad. Because they are yours. Andyou are their mother. And you will love them forever.