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Friday, May 14, 2010

Valley Forge Park

When we first decided to homeschool and I saw that one of the requirements was to teach about the states history I had a moment of panic. I come from a state so-so in state history, but now I live in one of the best historical states and we are so close to so many amazing attractions! This past thursday was homeschool day at Valley Forge Park and it was just great! If you have never been, def. try to go when they are having reenactments as they go above and beyond. The park on a whole is great-- lots of walking trails, cool buildings, deer, foxes-- it really is a great place that we sometimes take for granted.

The kids got to dress like the colonists, see a surgeon, play with toys from that era, watch them fire a musket, and lots more:)

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mom said...

nj has a lot of historical sites. You just never knew about them. Trenton barracks for one. Edison lived here and there is Princeton in general. Plus the museum for where the parts of some famous bridge in NYC were made right here in nj.