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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ka- Ching: Saving some moolah!

Someone let me borrow this book and I have been reading it this week in my spare time and thankfully, it is a quick read since I normally despise nonfiction :) Anyway, I think that Christians should always be the best stewards of their money and be pinching their pennies and investing them to stretch dollars. They have a lot of good ideas and great tips on everything from buying a car (used of course) to making fewer grocery trips. I love their recommendation to have a mortgage payment thats only 40% or less of your monthly income and to always make sure thats based on one spouse's income! Sage advice! Since we are a family of five with one income, we have to get creative with cutting costs, but we still have loads of fun and indulge in our family's favorite guilty pleasure-- eating out :)

1. I cut everyone's hair-- after a few minor glitches, it wasn't that hard to figure out
2. I hang our wash out which can save on average .40 a load-- although, I do ginormous loads with an older dryer, so we'll say .50 times about ten loads a week times a month is 20 bucks. Twenty dollars times six months is 120 dollars that can be put towards something else :)
3. buy used and well, save the difference. Matt and I have been hunting down a patio set at stores, but felt the sets in our budget were really cheap and we have young kids, so well, we need heavy duty! Today at a yard sale I found a really hardy one for 100 bucks! Score! Also, I never buy my daughter's shoes for full price since she shreds them two months in-- sigh-- so, I get them on clearance or used at consignment and/or yard sales.
4. My husband currently can bike to work and this has saved tons of money on gas-- but, if you could work from home one day, that would make a difference too.

Okay, thats a few, how do you cut corners? Do share...

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