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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lap Books

Hello there-- we are going to be trying something new and I hope it doesnt just turn out to be a glorified coloring book, but we are going to try and make lap books. I am designing my own Disney Princess one for my daughter as she is just a little butterfly flitting here and there, so hopefully, she'll consider landing a little to learn from the princesses. I found some fruit of the spirit pages here and there on different lap book sites and have pulled them to create my son's lap book. My camera's batteries are in the kids bubble machine right now, but I will post pics soon to show our progress and how they turn out. In other news, my little baby boy is clapping now and scooting in circles-- where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday it was a dark and stormy night and we were racing to the hospital-- again!! He is so beautiful and was worth it all. He is falling more and more in love with his lovey and yesterday thats what he wanted to fall asleep with-- no cuddles at all with mommy. He is getting so big and we are so blessed to have him. Here he is this Easter :


Anonymous said...

some one did a lap book for one of Mrs. Knodt's famous projects. Hope they turn out good.

angie said...

I read a blog whose author created an entire preschool study based on the fruits of the spirit. Let me know if you would like the link to that.

Becky said...

yes please angie!