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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sanatoga Court

Today we are so happy because we are all healthy and can go to Sanatoga Court with our homeschool group! This is so important to me that my kids do this because everyone deserves to be visited and really, remembered. My kids love the elderly-- most of our neighbors fall into this category and we are continuously stopping in their yards and chatting with them on our many long walks. I also think its funny when people think homeschoolers aren't social, because my kids will socialize with anyone and I love them so much for this. They love to sit on the porches with our neighbors and talk and ask them about a zillion questions and then pick their dandelions. Anyway, so today we are going to have lunch at a retirement home in the area and the people there are so friendly! They give us lunch and do a craft with us-- once they put on this incredible fair and it was just a huge blessing for everyone involved. So, I am sorry if this sounds braggadocios, not my intent-- I just want to encourage you to spend some time with those our society likes to forget sometimes. So, even if you cant visit a center, take some love to the people who live nearby who dont get out much or have much company and you'll reap the rewards too.

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angie said...

I agree! My grandmother, who passed in Feb, lived in an assisted living home. When we visited there, my kids came to think of other ladies as special to them, too. They played bingo and put together puzzles with them. I hope to still visit there when we travel to that area.