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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gaining some Confrimation and Answers

This is my daughter-- she is the sweetest cuddler and the most curious little mischief maker around. About four years ago when we were expecting her, I just knew her gender before the ultrasound and feeling her roll and kick with such severity, I knew she would be a little ball of constant energy and well, she pretty much is. So the Christmas right before her 2nd birthday our little girl who hadn't been feeling good and slept in Mommy's bed woke us all up to her first of five seizures. She has turned blue, gone into deep sleeps, fallen off her chair in the middle of eating, and just recently, had one at VBS. They are beyond scary to watch and we were finally sent to a neurologist. We were so happy as we were just getting really frustrated... we were at a point where we had to give her Tylenol just for a cough in order to try and prevent one from happening and then set our alarms through the night because we were afraid if we missed a dose she would have one all alone in her room. But, maybe this finally dawned on me today in the crazy dr.'s room, but I can't be there every moment and I can't stop these.


I am so type A personality and this is so hard to learn and even more so, accept. I want them to stop-- I don't ever want to look in her face and see a blank stare and feel like she has left me....

But, today at the dr.'s, we also received some hope.... we no longer have to take her into the er or doctor's each time one of these happens which will make the first 24 hours easier and more peaceful on us all. Secondly, he said we could stop the (in my words) overdoses of tylenol and motrin-- can you say "Hallelujah!" It was so nice to have this concern that the pediatrician's might be wrong in having us give her medicine way too much every time she had a sniffle or cough.... phew!!! There is no cure for febrile seizures and so we don't ever have to feel that we could have caught it or prevented them by giving her medicine first... again, phew...

So, it was bittersweet... because she has had so many, she will probably have more and they could get longer and then, oh, how happy her 5th birthday will be for that's the age these stop as her brain slows down in growth. Also, he did mention that kids with febrile seizures for some reason have higher IQs--- but thats a small consolation when we would rather he have none of this at all: but thats who she is and we love her anyway.... even when upon returning home she dumped a whole box of toothpicks into a kitchen drawer because, well, she was curious :)


Susan Mroz said...

Hi, I didn't know you had a blog! So you are type A - that does explain a lot. Couldn't figure out how you do so much with 3 young children and a husband who works many hours. So you are a driven woman! Glad to hear the news about your little one. Yes, I know it would be so nice to just be able to fix the problem NOW!! But at least the doctors were able to give you and your hubby a little peace. Just remember God is in control and His timing is perfect. Blessings.
PS.You do have a beautiful family! :)

sandytrif said...

glad you got some answers~if not the ones you wanted. Maybe they are the ones you really want~because if it is not febrile seizures~then it could be something far more life threatening. So praise Him in this, and this too shall pass.