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Monday, November 29, 2010

Daddy- Daughter date time

My husband works weird and not your typical 9-5 job, but he loves his kids and tries to get creative with each of them. We have one daughter in between two boys and we want to be sensitive to her needs but also making sure that she is well, daddy's little girl. I want her to one day say, I want to marry a man who loves Jesus just like my daddy does.

Now that she is getting older and much more in to girly things she gets the idea of a "date night" much more. So, here are some ideas:

- going to a local restaurant when its not as
- a trip to the park for a bike ride, hike, time on the swings...
- ice skating or roller skating
- shopping at a more girly store and then maybe a daddy store so she can be well rounded ;)

I'm sure you get the idea. It is our prayer also to get some things set up through our church, so please pray as we take the lead on something new. Blessings,


p.s. here are some more ideas


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