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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The cry of my Heart

We had a long day today. First Matt finished putting together a new wardrobe to replace his dresser and as I tried to sort and reorganize everything, he trotted upstairs to replace the big kids light.

And, the wiring up there is so ancient that colored wires were non-existent! The electrician can't come tomorrow due to all the storm power problems which I totally am find with as our hearts goes out towards those hit hard by the storms.

But, now one room is in total upheavel and the other without power and Matt is talking about re-doing the kitchen and hold the phone! I don't think I can handle that! Plus the-- well, I have a long list of craziness that needs done and it is so overwhelming at times. Finally, called husband and said this house doesn't feel comfortable or homey anymore-- I want out. Then, with all the other stuff going on in the world that has never stopped and will never stop, it gave me such a hunger and deep desire for Jesus and heaven. Jesus, you are whom I yearn for and I just wanted to remind you dear reader that whatever happens here, its okay, something so much better is waiting for us. This is not a permanent home-- it has and always will have problems. I am just so glad Heaven doesn't have a home depot and is run by the ultimate Handy Man :)

1 comment:

sandy said...

amen. after the wedding, I just want to go through and get rid of everything and re do the house. glad to remember, I have a heavenly home prepared for me~