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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Busy week, Graduation Party, and Adorable Chubby Legs!

Phew... it has been a crazy busy week! Not a roller coaster ride-- just an exciting all over the place train ride busy-- if that makes sense. Very excited that our church's Circle of Moms group had our first park and play date and it went really well-- a lot of moms came out and I am just so excite for September when we begin our meetings! God's hand has been guiding us right along and it has been a very pleasant experience!

On wednesday, we went with Aunt Joy to Oregon Dairy Farm Days and I will post pics later-- but it was a lot of fun! Plus, when we came home, I had my welcome letter to begin selling 31 and I will post more on that later too when I get everything figured out with the website ;)

And, I was asked to cater a graduation party for a family at our church. This is so humbling since if you have ever seen my kitchen it is beyond teensy tiny-- I don't know if you notice, but a lot of food pics are taken either on my oven or at our dining room table since those are my two "prep" surfaces. But, I love that when I commited it to the Lord, He has done some big things and taken me "big" places. Anyway, it is such an honor as I have no formal food training or credentials-- so a big leap of faith on the part of this family, but it has been really fun getting to know them all better. I am very excited because they asked me to do a candy buffet-- so here are some of the candy jars I made with the college logo (they'll be filled with red and white candies):

Now, onto my favorite little pair of chubby legs (imagine my silly grin right here). I love this little boy and his perfectly shaped little thighs. Isn't he so funny still wearing his shoes?! he cracks me up-- he tried to keep them on tonight for his bath too, but I have to draw the line someplace ;) Just an fyi-- he was on his way upstairs to get a new outfit after trashing his other one at lunch. We try not to make it a practice to let him run around half naked as the poor kid is approaching two... sigh... but, back to those chunky monkey legs-- aren't they dreamy...

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