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Monday, June 6, 2011

{High School Reunion}

My ten year high school reunion is this summer and I am excited to see all the people whom I have gotton to know better after HS through facebook and the mutual bonding of parenthood.

I don't feel negative or overly positive towards my high school years, just neutral-- maybe a littl more towards the positive side. I think thats because college was 1000 times better and somehow eevn onthe night of graduation I knew it would be. Thats not to say I had a horrible high school experience, but I just always knew I was passing through... doing my time... etc. I did make some really good friends there and had a fabulous math teacher who will always hold a special place in my heart-- I've even considered naming my sons after him :)

Good or bad, whats the one thing you took away or remember the most from high school-- if it's totally Debbie Downer, then please, keep it to yourself-- or if you need to rant and rave or feel so above it, again, please refrain :) But, seriously, what did you take away from those precious awkward formulative years?

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Jessica said...

The beginning of my high school years were not the greatest, but my junior and senior years I had a wonderful opportunity to take all college courses in place of high school classes (and they were paid for by a education program in MN). I got to "jumpstart" my college days by two years (and a lot less debt!). So while high school was not the greatest for me - it presented me with a great opportunity! Jess