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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Does Disney Still= the Most Magical Place on Earth for Families?

Okay, let me begin by saying how much of a Magical place Disney is-- it really is! The cast members are all super sweet and very helpful and your family will have memories for a life time! I am hoping to do a post on how to make it easier and much more relaxing for all involved, so stay tuned!
But, is Disney still the best place for families with values and standards? We went to one of their waterparks for the first time this year (Blizzard beach) and there were so many Europeans and Brazilians wearing very revealing bathing suits. Very, very revealing bathing suits. It was embarrassing when our kids asked why some ladies bottoms didnt fit in their bathing suits and the men with their teeny tiny speedos-- oh my! Supposedly, if you complain to a cast member, they will ask the other guest to change-- but why should we even be put in the position to complain or draw it to their attention, because, honestly, you can miss it!? Its a family waterpark and it will make the bikinis that you see at other waterparks look almost modest!
Another incident that happened wasn't directly related to disney, but just wait... My husband got very sick one day at Epcot and as he was in the bathroom for all the world to hear getting sick (literally-- the whole world since we were in Epcot)-- a lady walked by and said right to my kids, "Oh my wife is really sick from food poisioning-- hope he doesn't have it too!. My oldest son waited till she walked away and then said, "Mom, why did that lady say she had a wife?" We talked about this life choice and the sinful life style this person was chosing to live in, but really-- not where or when I wanted to have that conversation. I couldnt believe that lady said that right to my kids. We know a few gay people and they are very sensitive and considerate and don't flaunt it in front of the kids. Disney is known for being extremely friendly to homosexuals and here is an article that goes into more detail-- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1181.cfm. Do be aware that this is something you will encounter whether its two mommies in line or a couple holding hands, or a male dressed as a female (yes we saw that too). Be prepared to know how to handle it and that it could very well be encountered on your trip. Another thing we were also surprised at was Epcot's night time light show. We had been told this was the firework show to see so I was pretty excited. We got seats early and all of the sudden, a boat catches on fire! I really thought it was a real fire and thought someone might be on fire, but my husband who had read the information said it was a re-telling of how the world began as the Globe all lit up comes out next. I really am glad my kids had no clue as we don't see evolution as having an ounce of truth. So, again, just something to be ready for. There was an Ellen show with Bill Nye that we walked out of as well-- mainly because so many people came into the theater as it was running talking really loud and my husband was pretty sick-- but Bill Nye openly supports evoulition and Ellen is an open homosexual. Epcot can be a great learning environment, but there are a lot or re-teachable moments that will happen there more then anywhere else. Did we love Disney-- yes! Will we go back, we'll see-- as our kids get older, these things will be even more noticable to them and if Disney embraces the world and it's lust for sin more and more, then maybe not. We shall see.....

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