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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pick-a-Dilly Lunches

I think one of the biggest thing I hear from other mommy friends is that their kids are picky, so allow me to share one of my kids favorite lunches that we change up all the time and is a big hit with all 3-- Pick-a-Dilly Lunches!
The basic idea is that I put a litte of this and a little of that in each plate cubby and the kids are happy because they can chose what to eat first or last and it also allows me to sneak something they dont normally pick for themselves on there.
On one day, they had a sandwhich (PB&J for the boys and toasted cheese and tomatoe for the girls), oranges, carrots & tomatoes, and dip. I dont why but for some reason my 3 year old has decided he doesn't like cold tomatoes-- so this is a way for me to sneak some on his plate and he knows he needs to finish everything to get a snack. This is a pretty general lunch and not true pick-a-dilly, but this next one defines it for us...
What you have here is homemade applesauce (that my 3 year old helped make-- so important-- if you want them to eat better then they have to be involved in the food process), havarti cheese (my 3 year old also doesnt like cheese slices, but if it were the same cheese grated, he wouldnt stop eating it-- he's a strange one that guy) and 3 slices of organic nitrogen and hormone free genoa salami, carrots and tomatoes again, and organic honey mustard dressing (this was a step out of my daughters comfort zone-- she doesnt like condiments at ALL, so I was very proud of her that she tried some). ***************************************************************************************** Some other things we have tried: cucumbers (my 7 year olds least favorite, but he'll eat them this way), apples, berries, string cheese, salad, melon, cranberry sauce, etc. It just makes a fun an manageable way for them to pick what they're eating and when they're eating it and they are still getting the right portion size of each fruit and veggie. I try and throw something on there on purpose that I know one of them doesnt care for because when its like this, they're more likely to eat it all :) Happy Lunch time!

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