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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Fever

I recently told my daughter I dont think Ill be able to share her new baby brother with her-- I have just waited to long and am afraid Ill hog him. Her response, "well, you have to share him with me cause I rub your belly and talk to him. He wants me tohold him too." And my husband shared similar thoughts too-- he was kind of thinking he'd get to hoard the new baby. And so on and so on-- we're all pretty determined that we won't be able to share this new little guy cause we all have waited for him for a long time. I mean a really long time. Like years-- and now that we're getting so close, noone wants to share. Is there a chance this little guy might get spoiled from being held so much? Absolutely-- but I see it as him getting 5 times the love from 5 people who just cant wait to hold him. And smell him. And kiss him. And stroke those newborn cheeks and hair. And change those little diapers... okay, well, that might be one area we all are willing to share! I also keep thinking Im ready to trade first morning finger pricks with morning feedings. And night time bathroom runs with nighttime feedings and cuddles. And so much more-- Having a baby for me is more than just having a baby, its like the long awaited prize after months and months of strict diabetic restrictions. And they might not let up this time and I have just given that all over to the Lord, but there is so, so, so much joy when we have our baby! And this time, there are 3 more people to love on this little man and share in the joy. I know people think bigger families mean you have to spread the love and time around, but I think its the opposite-- there is just 5 times more people to love on this little one. 3 big siblings waiting to hold and love on him instead of just mom and dad. We are just so excited to be in the home stretch-- the last lap. Sure at times it seems like Ill be pregnant forever, but I know at some point God will give him the perfect birthday at just the right time.


angie said...

Your perspective is refreshing and heartwarming!

Rebekah Del Collo said...

This made me smile because Nathan and I had a similar talk the other night. He said to me "You know when Jude goes home, you have to let me and the boys hold him too right?"... Boy does he know me too well, LOL! I guess I will share, but we are all so excited I don't think he will be put down for months. He will be one spoiled little boy. I guess our guys will have that in common, but I am just as OK with it as you are.

I can't wait to wake up to nurse an actual baby and not sit there staring at the pump instead.

Not much longer for either of us now.