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Friday, May 24, 2013

Today its been a Month!

Its hard to believe its been a month on one hand because I cant imagine life without him and then on the other, phew, what a month it has been! The first week was just a blur of pain pills, pain, and baby snuggles and feedings. Then the second week I lost the pain meds and slowly began getting back to normal with 4 little ones. Normal life things like laundry, reading books together, walks, and cooking meals again were all day-to-day activities resumed that week and it felt so good to sloooooooowly begin making progress towards our new normal. The third week was even better-- the baby and I were able to attend church again and re-enter the land of the living for short little jaunts. This week we actually took a trial run down to see my parents before the wedding and it wasn't easy, but we made it through the long car ride. I know people say time flies, but I feel like I have been savoring every minute and loving just being alive and healthier and home with my kids. We also couldn't have asked for a better fourth baby to be the caboose so to speak-- he is such a joy, so cuddly and sweet, and really-- just a huge blessing! Here he is-- actually finally fitting into his newborn clothes at one month old (although if he is anything like his brothers, he'll grow like a weed these next 3 months) and every day seems to be more alert and have longer waking times. Now just to give you a zoomed out perspective so you can see how small he is in regards to the entire sofa: Last night we went out for our anniversary and ran into a couple with a little boy born the same day as our little guy only full term and it was amazing to see the size difference, but neat to hear that even though Declan isn't full term yet, he seems to be doing the same things the other baby is-- what an encouragement to hear how God has blessed him with health despite all my body put us through! And now, my little man is just waking up and I don't want to miss a minute, so night all :)

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