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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Places To Play in PA: Blue Marsh Lake

For a Jersey Girl who grew up with frequent trips every summer to the beach nearby I have to say that going to the shore is one thing I miss living in PA.... but, I think that we found perhaps the next best thing thanks to a tip from my dear friend Tawnya-- Blue Marsh Lake! My parents came to church with us this past sunday and then we all drove on together up past Reading to Blue Marsh Lake. Just an fyi, the GPS took us to the fishing part of the lake, but three more lefts and then you arrive at the swimming Day Use Part of the lake. It was a gorgeous July day with just enough breeze, warm water, and clean sand to play in.
The beautiful scenery around the lake is worth the drive alone and unlike the beach, there are a dcent amount of trees for shade and I was able to hang out with the baby there while watching everyone else swim.
Everyone else enjoyed some lounging in the shade and playing in the sand too!
And when did this girl get so big? Love her so very much!
We easily spent over 5 hours there and left after one last swim just as the storm clouds rolled in! We can't wait to go back again :)

1 comment:

angie said...

Looks very scenic. I'm definately a lake, not beach, girl. I want to check this place out. Thanks for sharing. (BTW, I just commented on your mom's FB post, asking what beach she visited that had lovely grass nearby.)