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Thursday, August 15, 2013

On Turning the Big 3-0 and Maybe one Day 9-0

My 7 year old is counting down till his birthday. 3 days till he turns 8 which is completely idiotic! I mean really, who told him he could grow up?!And my sister is counting down to her due date-- september 1st. I'm pretty excited to-- can't wait to meet the little guy or gal and share motherhood with my sister. And today I got an email from my mom letting me know my great aunt Rose is having a 90th birthday soon. In september..... which reminds me, I'm turning the big 3-0 that month too. Somewhere in all the other hoopla going on, I kind of sorta forgot. I mean my son turning 8-- HUGE! My sister having a baby-- Gigantic! Me turning 30, well, I'm gonna confess, I'm pretty excited about it. Although, it does seem surreal as my mom seriously just turned 30 herself like yesterday. My dad actually loves to bring this story up any time my husband mentions trying to surprise me (which as this story proves, I can sniff out a surprise a mile away)-- long ago 7 year old me was playing in the kitchen and my mom found a packet of dip mix. She asked me if my dad was throwing her a 30th surprise party and I said yes. Even though I had no clue. And so from that day on I became the infamous whistle blower in our home. But anyway, I am pretty excited to turn 30 and here is my top 30 sorry, that would be insane, top 10 reasons Im excited to turn 30: 1. When an old wrinkly old really old lady says a snarky comment about how I look like Im 17 with 4 kids I can say with supreme dignity, "I'm actually in my 30's" 2. I can say with a regal air, "people in their 20's do some of the most ridiculous things.. they're like, so immature!" 3. On the other hand, most if not all my friends have already crossed this thresh hold, so I can say man you're so old... like 33 old... 4. At 30 I have pretty much crossed off everything I wanted to do on my bucket list that I made at the naive age of 20. So I get to make a whole new one, and, confession, I love lists. 5. As I near 30, I have 4 pretty awesome if not the most awesomest bunch of 4 kiddos to celebrate this milestone with. And by with I mean one special dinner out with them and one really special dinner out with just the hubs because I am a mom turning 30 with 4 kids ;) 6. I get to keep my husband company-- he was getting kind of lonely being in his 30's all by his lonesome self for almost 4 years. Poor thing.... 7. The best is yet to come which must be pretty exciting since I can honeslty say the first 29 years have been pretty awesome 8. I have to admit, finding 10 things is tougher then I thought............. so lets just skip to 10 as I think its one of the coolest and most exciting things and no matter how old I turn, just saying this makes me feel so abundantly over the moon blessed..... 10. I have lived 30 years. That is 30 years more than my doctors predicted when I was a sick baby. 30 years filled with having God's hand upon my life. 30 years of knowing some pretty cool parents. And I get to celebrate 30 years with a husband and 4 kids who love me and who I love more than anything else. So, as i think about my aunt turning 90 right after I turn 30, I feel young. And I also am wondering what 90 feels like. Will I live to 90? Do I want to live to 90? Deep thoughts, but for now, I think I'll just stick to tackling 30.

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