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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Months Old

Okay normally when I do the monthly post I get all emotional, but this time 5 months seems like a breeze. And that is because my previous baby as in the little boy who will always be my baby... is turning 4 in two days. I just. want. to. cry.
Here he is with his baby brother. They were both hamming it up until I got the real camera. Ah well.... anyway, I don't want to think about having my baby turn four years old. So, let's talk about my baby turning 5 months old.
Just so you know, he was laughing and smiling like crazy and I thought, "Well I'll be (well, not quite that, but you get the idea) we might actually do his monthly picture onthe right day!" So again, I grab the camera. Nothing. He was NOT in the mood... so I got a quick picture of his cute feet.
It was a tough day apparently.... he couldn't make it pass his slippers! Well, anyway tried to get a few more shots but he was not having hit. Then my friend Tina comes over to pick up some 31 things and he is smiling like a lovesick little boy at her. So, I tried again...
I think his shirt says it all... he is so cute but too clever to let Mommy get a picture of him smiling. Although, it also might refer to how he cleverly has me wrapped around his pudgy little finger. Either way, he is cute-- can't you just hear a little Italian accent here, "Yo mom-mee-- lets eat some rice cereal and pretend its pasta!" Well, that might be an exaggeration, but the expressions this kid makes I'll tell ya!
These were taken a few weeks ago when he was happily eating his hands and I could get a few pictures without him minding.
Yummy hands. I think he is going to be an early teether if the drool is any indication. But, okay, look at these sweet little baby feet?!
They have seen a lot of this little piggy action.
And those cheeks... MMMmmmm. I just want to kiss him all day!
And then apparently, he caught on. He got a little suspicious. Or tired... but ah well, is he not adorable? He is getting so big too! No really, he is in 6-9 month jammies and those are getting a little snug length wise. He is squealing, laughing, follows us with his eyes, loves to stand, started hanging out in the johhny jump up, and just last week he began eating rice. He is growing so fast and is getting loved on every single step of the way! There, that was much better than thinking of my baby turning 4...
but no, I just couldn't help myself. Look at my little baby.... now I need to go and kiss his chubby little cheeks while they're still the cheeks of a three year old...

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