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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 Reasons to Homeschool (you never thought of before)

This post is ten reasons homeschooling has been extra appealing to us and maybe things that non-homeschoolers have never considered as to why we do what we do! I'm sure others could add more and so I encourage you if your a homeschooler or just stopping by to add your reasons in the comment section below as this list isn't all inclusive! So, we actually get asked this question more and more by strangers even though we have homeschooled for years and I think its because its much more noticeable now that our kids are getting older. I actually will begin to start in on our whole list as the person who asked either nods, moves away, or makes a remark (to which I say bring it on pal and I'll challenge you to a game of wits-- versus my kid. That hasn't happened yet, but I do entertain the idea in my head). So our first reason you might not have thought of is 1.) When the going gets tough-- the tough get going. Like we leave. We just pack up school and take it on the road. That's exactly what we are doing in the header picture-- homeschool at grandmas! When our kitchen was under construction and the gas and water were at times getting shut off so piping could get re-wired we went to good ol' grandmas for a few days. And we took school with us instead of taking off from school. This concept also comes in handy if there is a sick relative, dad who travels, etc. I see it as a huge perk! No absentee notices or clearing it with a school district-- we just go!
2.) We homeschool because we love our daddy and spending time with him! My husband works crazy revolving hours and his days off are neither predictable or consistent. Homeschooling affords us ample time with him and we get to all see him on his days and mornings off that take place during the week. We also love having him learn with us and come on field trips with us. It's a huge perk and something to consider if you're family members don't have 9-5 M-F shifts.
3.) We can vacation without the crowds! Many places have caught onto the fact that homeschoolers can come when others cannot and offer discounted rates and packages which is an added bonus! We love to go on vacation in the fall and spring and these less crowded times mean less congestion traveling, shorter lines (actually when we were at Disney we only waited once the entire week and that was to meet a character), and I don't have to write a note into their teachers or have them do make up work. AND-- this is awesome-- I can even count some of their vacation days as school days!!! How cool is that! (and I'll clarify, we counted Epcot as a school day and not the waterpark)
4.) We can start our school year any day we'd like. Sure we have a lot of friends that do the traditional Sept.- June schedule, but it's no secret that I can't stand the heat, so we start school when we are hovered around the AC anyway in July! I love it-- there are so many cool things to learn in the summer-- much of the gardens are in full bloom and production and we can incorporate that into our science lessons! It also gives us wiggle room for emergency situations-- we still need to do 180 days in our state, but there have been two years when we needed time off or to finish early and since we begin early this was of no concern when it came to fitting in our days.
5.) Relatives can get in on the schooling too! We love when my parents or siblings can join us for a field trip or other aspect of our school day as many times as they can or whenever their schedules allow for it.
6.) I can distinctly remember being in school as a 7 year old and the windows were open and I could hear someone mowing their lawn and it was a gorgeous day outside. Inside my teacher was trying to keep our attention on her and frankly I don't remember the lesson but I still remember the draw of a beautiful day.... missed. When a gorgeous day is calling, we often times pack up a lunch and head out to meet it! I LOVE this about homeschooling! We can always do night school or because we begin early, we can afford to take some time off during the year when we would like to. It's a beautiful thing I tell ya'!
7.) My kids are each others classmates. They teach one another, learn things together, and yes, sometimes they try each others patience, but the point is they do it together! I know a lot of people think their kids would drive them crazy being together all day every day and I'm not going to say my kids don't have their moments, BUT they do love to be with one another. I tell my husband we are making investments into their life banks and will see the interest magnify beyond our wildest dreams one day! We are cultivating a home where they build relationships with the people who will be with them forever and that's a beautiful thing! I also love when an older child instructs a younger child! This melts my heart! My 8 year old son has been coming alongside our 4 year old and encouraging him with reading. My 7 year old has been helping our 8 year old with his multiplication flash cards and these are just a few examples and I only see this happening more and more everyday! Priceless!
8.) We LOVE to read-- I can't imagine not having all the time we do to sit and read with the kids and to share so many books with them! I'm not saying f you don't like to read you shouldn't homeschool, but it might just grow on you when you see where some really cool books will take you!
9.)Lately my kids love Chinese-- nope not the food (although they are crazy about that too!) but the people. The history. We have been studying and learning some pretty cool things and since it's of great interest we can spend extra time on that. My boys love legos so I can incorporate that into school as well (we even got to see some pretty awesome ones on display at a museum). On the flip side, when I notice a child excelling or needing more help, I can tailor their education right to them. Just having taught two of them to read I can say that they both needed different methods and approaches and we were able to sit back, evaluate, and help each one right where they needed it most! If you have special needs kids, I'd imagine this to be a big perk as well!
10.) I think one of the best benefits about homeschooling is I learn too! This in turn models to the kids a lifelong love of learning! There are so many history lessons that I have heard firsthand while teaching the kids and really cool science facts I've discovered right a long with them and that is one really cool benefit!
Now your turn, what makes you excited about homeschooling or what's a reason you love?


Michelle Crooker said...

I love to homeschool because it is so great to be there when they "get" something that they have been working on for a while.

angie said...

I love that your reasons are compelling, not argumentative. No one could possibly find issue with your 10 reasons because they are specific to your family.