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Friday, January 31, 2014

From Lawn to Garden Part 3: Starting our Seeds!!

We are so excited to be continuing on to our journey of turning our entire yard into an urban garden! If you missed the first two posts for this series, you can click here or here. This week our seeds arrived from The Incredible Seed Company! We also began using Sprout Robot to tell us when we should plant what when. This week our area needs to begin cabbage indoors and so my little helper and I got them started in some old containers placed in a larger glad tub.
Once they were emerged in the soil, we closed the lids (which have little air vents) and placed them in our pantry at the top of the cellar steps.
We did an experiment a while back on where seeds sprouted best in our home. We placed a few bean seeds wrapped in a damp paper towel in three different Ziploc baggies. We hung one baggy in our kitchen window, one in the refrigerator, and one we placed at the top of our basement steps. We all predicted that the window seeds would grow the fastest and were surprised when the cellar sprouts went crazy. They were searching for light which is why they grew so tall, but they did sprout fastest there too. So, we are seeing if our cabbage plants will begin there quickly as well. Once we seed little shoots we will transfer them to our kitchen window. Currently, we have some lettuce bases from salads that were made a month ago trying to grow.
We are sitting them in a cup with some water and are just beginning to get new life coming off the stumps. We tried this once before and it takes a very long time and in the end, our new shoots turned brown and withered. My husband suggested that this time we transfer them to some soil and so next week we will see if that helps them be more successful. Since our seeds arrived this week we began mapping out our garden and seeing where everything will do best-- its actually very exciting! Soon we hope to begin some broccoli seeds in the hope that we can get a spring crop as well as a fall one. If you would like to follow my Garden Board on Pinterest that is where we are getting a lot of our inspiration and knowledge! What do you start first inside and what tips have helped your plants grow well?

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