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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From Lawn to Garden Part 5

These past few weeks have been a little busy and even though we have kept up on planting our seeds and photographing it, Ive been a little negligent with the blog. So here is what was happening two weeks ago...
And I realize that in the picture it says three weeks ago, but it was 2. Two weeks ago our spinach finally sprouted! They took the full 12 days and I was getting a bit nervous but in their own sweet time they sprouted and are now going strong. Our lettuce shoots that we were trying to re-grow from the cast offs are not doing so great. I was a bit optimistic that these cleaner cuts would do better than previous attempts, but now these ones are beginning to turn brown. This is our third attempt and I think its a bust!
My 8 year old was my helper last week and due to some miscommunication he brought the soil in instead of the container out and it was quite the mess. But, he was a good sport and did a thorough clean up job and blessed me in the process.
Last week we started two broccoli seeds, two artichokes, and eight thyme plants. My four year old and I also planted a few oregano seeds but they are so microscopically tiny I have no idea how many went in ;) We start everything in even numbers-- always at least two for pollination purposes and also in the hopes that if one fails, the other won't. It's not a scientific theory to my knowledge but what we do. It has been a lot of fun watching the seeds sprout and the sprouts grow their true leaves! These next two weeks we will be starting a lot of our seeds as we will be 6-8 weeks from the last frost in our area. I feel overly optimistic typing that sentence as we still have 6-8 inches of snow on the ground and more to come! Normally I love winter, but this year I'm itching to get outside and begin all that we need to do! Not only do we have to cut all the sod, prepare the beds, fasten climbing contraptions, but a lot of our exterior areas need re-painted or painted for the first time since some of the outside got re-done when we did the kitchen. So, a big to do list awaits us but we have never been so excited to begin! Have you started any seeds yet?

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