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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From Lawn to Garden Post 5 and Popsicles

This past week right before our family got hit with the flu big time we were able to start some pepper seeds.
My daughter, the baby, and I planted them in pots that we swiped from the backyard as the plan right now is to grow our peppers all in containers. Typically our plants don't grow so big that this option wouldn't work for us; however, my parents pepper plants always seem to dominate their garden in which case this would not be a good option. These larger pots are in a sunny spot in our bathroom where the only problem has been a four year old forgetting they are not step stools. If you look in the top right of the photo you can see our spinach sprouts doing their thing and growing at last. I know I said this before but the egg cartons were a big mistake as they dry much faster and absorb so much water-- hence why we haven't gone this route for any other seedlings.
It is a bit disappointing that we still have so much snow on the ground when we are so eager to get outside and begin preparing the yard. Sigh. We have all been watching lots of online videos on gardening and learning as much as we can. Just today my four year old said to me, "Mom, the plant picture you gave me to color was missing the root hairs so I added some." Ah my little budding botanist!
I am very thankful for this lovely little lady. She bravely volunteered to share her special afternoon snack with her 10 month old baby brother.
Suffice it to say it was love at first bite.
He looks like a little baby vampire here-- cracks me up! Gosh he just looks so big here! My husband keeps reminding me he will be one next month and I'm doing the mature thing and plugging my ears and pretending I cant hear him because that's a reality this momma isn't ready for just yet!
Can you believe this was a year ago?!! I was thinking how last march we were anxiously awaiting our little mister mister and this year we are waiting to begin the garden BUT we already have our cute little baby and I am so happy we are where we are now. Even if he might turn one next month...

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