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Friday, June 27, 2014

Clean Eating Veggie Fried Rice or Quinoa

Okay, so I have wanted to update y'all on our garden but our camera card is having some uploading issues so the next best thing? Sharing this awesomely yummy, very healthy, and clean eating easy to make meal perfect for summer when veggies are at their peek! We have made this with rice and quinoa and quinoa is our favorite, but rice is just as tasty and a little cheaper as the cost of quinoa right now is skyrocketing.
First I begin to cook my rice or quinoa according to the packages directions. There are 6 of us who eat this so I normally cook 2 cups of the grain with 4-5 cups of water and get about 5 cups when its all cooked. While my grain is cooking, I begin stir frying my veggies in coconut oil. You can use olive oil, but trust me, the coconut oil really compliments all the flavors in this dish. This particular night I had on hand carrots, peppers, zucchini, spinach, and some snow peas fresh from the garden.
Thankfully that's about how many snowpeas we have been picking every day and sometimes almost twice that. We have been freezing the excess we can't eat and will use those for stirfries when our pea season ends. I add some pepper to the veggies and just kind of stir them here and there. Did I mention how easy this is? It needs to be since I'm busy with this cutie pie who is into everything!
When it looks like your quinoa or rice is done, push all the veggies to a corner. Then in a separate side of your frying pan/skillet/ pot, crack two eggs and kind of scramble them up a bit. Let them cook till done and stir into veggies.
Add your grain to the skillet. Stir it all together. I add a nice heaping tbs. of sesame oil as one last hoorah and then we just eat it right up!
So there you have it-- quick, full of veggies, clean eating, kid friendly, and if you use quinoa it boosts the protein in this dish even more! I hope you love this and if you use any neat vegetable combination please share!

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