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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Surrendering My Mommy Day

This past week our littlest guy was sick. The last in a long line of all the boys in our family falling prey to a nasty bug that claimed each one for about five days. I was feeling pretty tired and my poor baby was up needing mommy from 4-6 am. one night. We sat in the bathroom with a steamy shower running. I held him upright and patted his back. We watched some elmo on youtube. I consider it a blessing to my love on my littles when they aren't feeling well. And my poor little baby needed lots of loving that night.
When we both awoke the next morning sometime around 8 I realized we had a field trip with our co-op that day. Thankfully our night time vigilance had resulted in our baby feeling much better. But there was still laundry. Cleaning. Schoolwork. Four kids to tend to. Meals to make. And oh yeah, that field trip again. And I felt like I had run a long race. Exhausted just begins to cover it.
I stopped, and prayed, "Lord, I just woke up. Today seems pretty normal and yet overwhelming. I don't think I can do it-- I'm just giving it to you. Please equip me and enclose our home in peace that passes all understanding." We made the field trip... a few minutes late... but together, and clothed, and happy, and in a teachable spirit. It was amazing.
Seeing apple cider and apple butter made was a cool experience.
My Little bug trying to swipe an apple-- love him to pieces.
We came home and had a peaceful lunch. My oldest and I put the Christmas tree lights on. Love that he can help with the "big" decorating jobs.
My littlest thought the tree was on fire and kept trying to blow the lights out-- it was adorable to hear, "Dat hot!" over and over again followed by intermittent puffs.
And my middle two put on the sweetest nativity story re-enactment. Here he is pushing Mary on the donkey to Bethlehem.
My heart was so full. I hadn't done it. I couldn't have done it. But here was God showing me His love in these four beautiful little beings. We were working and playing together in a wonderful harmony. God in my weakness, delighted in making a beautiful day for us.
How awesome is that? How awesome is He?
and then after all the days festivities: we napped. For like two and a half hours. Amazing! Thank you God for naps and field trips and clothed children who are getting along so wonderfully. There is something to be said for surrendering our all-- even the mundane like field trip days when you are exhausted-- to a great and big loving God.

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