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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Book worms

I am undeniably a book worm... Matt often has to blast a bullhorn near me, set off an alarm, shake me, and still... I am totally oblivious to all that is going on around me. A good book is more then just a bunch of pages: it is a treasured friend that you can revisit at anytime by just lifting the cover. When I met Matt he shared my love for books (although, he doesn't become quite as a lost in them as me) and we proclaimed that we'd have them scattered throughout our home on coffee tables, bookshelves, end tables, etc.... well, the books that are actually scattered around aren't exactly the ones we had in mind, but our house is nonetheless filled to the brim with books. Picture books. We have two of the biggest book worms and I have to say, I enjoy the really good picture books right along with them! We read before naps, during play time, while making dinner, before bedtime... ahh, it's wonderful! We are big fans of the library too and we read over eighty books this summer (some of them about twenty times a piece) and earned these cute t-shirts! I encourage you, no matter how busy your summer to enjoy at least one good book with someone you love... reading can open many worlds!

Our favorite books:

1. Brown Bear

2. No, David

3. David gets in Trouble

4. Olivia

5. Fancy Nancy

6. Kiss Goodnight Sam

7. I ain't Gonna Paint No More

8. Goodnight Moon

9. Knuffle Bunny

10. Owen

1 comment:

Forever Greatful to be a Wife and Mommie said...

Thanks for the reminder. I really need to sit and read more. I think it would be good for both the kids as well as myself.