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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mommy forums

So, this past summer I "joined" a mommy forum and here and there have tried to keep in touch with the ladies-- I even went to two events. What I have finally concluded is that I am pretty sure that I was the only Christian on the entire site with over 300+ mommies! It was really frustrating because they were so into tolerating everything, except, oh yeah, people who make rock the boat and remind us what a moral or principle really is. For the most part, I really did behave myself and just kept my mouth shut no matter how many of them trashed talked their husbands, swore, complained about their husbands, and thought strange things were the norm. I don't want to say it was all bad, for the most part it really did deal a lot with potty training, snack time, etc...... but then I saw a post about politics and thats when I became really frustrated! I just dont understand how people can buy into some of the devils lies that are so obvious to a believer. I mean, hold up half of what a certain nominee is saying and believes in to the Bible and it just doesn't ring true!I finally really came to the conclusion, and be forewarned, I am not the first to realize something so obvious, but the media really does desensitize and make a lot of people who aren't in the word, buy into the world. What a difference... even on sesame street, there are brief flashes of same sex couples withthe children. So, when are cable ended, I was in total favor of letting it go. Sure, I may miss the cooking shows, but I have books... my husband was in complete mourning due to this being football season, but, lo and behold, you can watch that online now.... so, we are for now, television-less and are surviving!

* I don't want us to sound too weird, so I thought I should add that we do still have our dvd player and watch some movies with TVGuardian on.... so, one step at a time!

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Adam Owens said...

No way.. you guys have a blog.. I did not know that. Very cool.. Miss ya guys..