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Monday, September 15, 2008

running the race...

I am so tired right now... its been a long couple of days. There are some crazy issues at Matt's work and it was a long, frustrating afternoon with the kids. We have our first family week long vacation coming up and right now I feel like I am trying to persevere and hang on until then to just escape and relax and be together as a family. And, as I was trying to brush my kid's teeth and unsuccesfully trying to dodge their sharp little teeth it suddenly dawned on me that I am in a much bigger race... not just towards vacation, but to Heaven. I was never athletic and the only races I've run have been in gym class, but they weren't pleasant. God never promised to make our races any easier, but He did promise to carry us when we needed it and stay by our sides. I am so comforted. We are blessed with many days where we as a family forget we're even in a race things are so smooth, but, when they are a bit crazy and topsy turvy and sleep deprived, its nice to know our Coach is still there just like He was when we were perhaps running down a hill and not up one. So, keep it steady and consistent and be diligent because we're not done yet!

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