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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blobbie Globbie

I made this game for a class back in college and am so glad I saved it because my kids LOVE it! Its really simple I just cut two blob shapes from multicolored paper and write a capital letter on one and lowercase on the other. Then glue the uppercase ones down, laminate or cover with contact paper, and save lower cases in a baggie. The color and different shapes can be a self-check so older kids can do it on their own-- my son likes me to time him while he does it. My daughter likes to sit on my lap and have me hand her one at a time and we'll talk about whose name has what letter-- I did this with my son and now he'll say "J is for aunt Joy". Its a simple game, I think my kids also love just saying the name :)


angie said...

Enjoying your games, Becky. You are going to see the rewards of your intentional mothering for many years to come.

Julie said...

Becky, I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing:) I'll be using these with my little ones:)