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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

been busy with a shower

no, not that type of shower-- a wedidng shower. been busy planing my sister's shower and phew, since she snooped and found out about it, i can share some pictures with y'all about how I am progressing. The shower is this saturday and I have been diligently working on it here and there for weeks now so as not to have the last day party stress hit me (and the family) head on. My husband called home from work and tentaviley asked how stressed I was and it was with a happy heart that I said we're doing good.

Then I hung up.

And I began to stress, was I doing good? Should I have something else for dessert? Will the fondant work? Will people like it? Will it look, horror of horrors, tacky?

So after a small, teeny, tiny panic attack, I regrouped, packed my china up (we're using special woman in my sister's life real china as a special touch, and well, i guess I consioder myself important-hehehe), finished the pretzels (the extra dessert), and then relaxed.

Because a good host should be a relaxed host.

I did take some new steps for me-- I accepted help on a few (minor) things for the shower and was pretty loose-ish-ish with decorating help (okay, I oversaw it, but I let my sister help and even pick a few things out-- shocker, I know.

So, we are almost done and I am so hoping for a nice smooth finish and a beautiful shower of blessings for my sister.

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