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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Finish Line

I've only done three races so far, but I have learned that I start out with a burst, keep a steady pace throughout, and then by the end, just want to cross the finish line moving. There are always people at the end cheering you on to do some sort of last minute sprint, but the way I see it, I just covered x amount of distance and am just happy to be moving at this point.

We are about to cross another finish line as a family-- we are finishing up our first unofficially official (in PA we don't officially declare ourselves until our oldest is 8) year of homeschool. And we made it! Our homeschool pace is much like my running one in that we're not pulling out any tricks or fancy sprints this last little trek-- we're keeping our pace and will hopefully finish strong.

And it feels so good to know that we can do this-- our kids are fine (other then the obvious scrapes, bumps, one fracture), the parents are fine, and we as a family unit did it! And it feels pretty good.

I have been asked what curriculum we use and this past year we did a based-off of Sonlight while next year we will do a strictly Sonlight. We use Singapore for Math and I love it-- it is more advanced and not heavy on tedious repetiotion-- yay! We used Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons and while not always painless, we made it through and I LOVED it. We had various other workbooks and books for Science, History, andwriting, etc. Here are some of the links-- let me know what you love and use :)


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