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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Places to Play in PA: Valley Forge Park

PA has a host of battlefields, but this is our favorite. Only a half an hour away and always a pleasant time outdoors. http://www.valleyforge.org/NationalPark/

This park has tons of recreated cabins, officers quarters, and reenactments througout the year. It also boasts a strong collection of monuments and statues-- the most famous The Arch. In addition, it has miles and miles of walking and biking trails. We like to start at the visitors center, the arch, or Washington Memorial Chapel. Also, on the back end of the park there is a covered bridge and this is also a nice place to hike up one of the small mountains.

And, I have to mention the deer. The park is loaded with tons of these deer and I don't think there has been a visit when we did not see them! Very fun for the kids.

Also, a great place for pictures, a run, or a really nice picnic lunch-- enjoy :)

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