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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy Madness, New Books We Love, and Typos

Hmmm... where to begin first-- how about the typos? I was reading over a post or two last night and realized that I am and always will be a bad proof reader. I could blame it on a number of things, but the truth of the matter is I hate to proof read and I'm sorry for all the recent weird typos-- I can spell and am a fair typist, just really, really hate to read over whatever I just wrote. So bear with me and I will try and start reading these before I post and in turn subjecting you all to my horrible errors.

I was told by a dear friend today at MOPS that she enjoys my food posts, well tonight we had frozen pizza a la California Pizza Kitchen. It was actually quite good-- one of the new ones with an appetizer included; however, the reason I'm mentioning this is so y'all don't get a false impression that I'm a Martha Mommy-- haahaaa, so not true!

This afternoon I was so stressed out with the craziness of our weird week that I demonstrated to my son how to take deep breaths into a paper bag-- minus the bag-- to let off a little steam. We both thought this hysterical and it worked as we ended up having a good laugh over how silly mommy is. We HAVE had a weird week-- just a lot of quirks thrown into our normal routine and then all the rain makes for a cranky mommy ( I wont mention the kids here but rather let you form your own conclusion). So, in case you have been thinking I've got it all together here, I don't. I normally LOVE what I do being a mommy to my 3 beautiful beings, but, I am human and today was just weridly caotic. Also, I havent even run all week due to feeling yucky, so I'm sure that would make me feel better; however, my mind says a Rita's water ice will do so much more good :)

Okay, on to some new books we have been Loving:
1. Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Whelchel-- actually all of hers are my favorite, but this one is really helpful.
2. "Little Pea" By Amy Krause Rosenthal http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=little+pea
3. The Book That Eats People by John Perry-- a little weird, but my kids thought it hysterical
4. "Brown Bear, White Bear" by Svetlana Petrovic-- very good if your chidlren have ever argued
5. "One Morning in Maine" by Robert McCloskey-- especialy good if you have chidlren at the age where they are loosing teeth
6. "The Story About Ping" by Marjorie Flack. Even my one year old would do the Lalalalei sound each time! http://www.amazon.com/Story-about-Reading-Railroad-Books/dp/0448421658/ref=pd_sim_b_5
7. "Perfect Square" by Michael Hall-- simple but amazing illustrations http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Square-Michael-Hall/dp/0061915130/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1305851328&sr=1-2
8. "Peter and the Wolf" by Chris Raschka-- so fun to read

And now, here are my sweet little bookworms reading one day early in the morning-- Love them so much despite our crazy week! So, hug your little one and enjoy a sweet book together!

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