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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This and that and the best fruit dip EVER!!

Hi friends, about once or twice a week these beautiful hot air balloons pass right over our house. They used to float to the south of us, but I guess the air current has changed and now they sail right over our backyard much to the kid's delight when we are out back playing before bed time. It's so fun to try and shout "hello" to these air born giants--especially for my youngest-- "allo" and then he waves his chubby little arm till it's gone from view. So precious.

This past weekend I made the food for a friend's daughters graduation from college and happily, no one died from food poisioning and seemed to enjoy themselves-- phew! It was a fun opportunity, but it can be a lot of work.

And now for my mom's fruit dip recipe. I first had this when I was a little girl at a party and then my mom never made it again until my first son tunred one. And since then, I have only made it twice which is so sad as it is so gosh darn good-- heavenly good really.

1 pound jar of fluff
2 8oz cream cheeses softened at room temp.

Beat two together until they are nice and creamy. Taste with finger. Then, dip desired fruit in. Repeat as often as you'd like-- Happy Summer!

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