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Monday, June 27, 2011

Places to Play in PA: The Works

This past weekend our little guy spent his first overnighter at the grandparents and so we took our "big" kids over to The Works in Wyomissing.

It was so much FUN! Really, all 4 of us had a blast.

It is the one place where parents actually fit in the tubes and are encouraged to play alongside their kids-- win, win! I actually would safely say there is a chance my husnabd had more fun then the rest of us ;)

The theme of the play area is ballocity and there are all these little balls that you have to carry up to the guns and then you shoot them at people. They're foam and dont hurt longer then a second. There is also a little toddler area removed from the big kids where they can play safely and have fun too. Within the area there is a parent's lounge with tv's displaying whats going on in Ballocity so you can "watch" your kids from afar.

Then, when you're all done or before hand, there is an arcade downstairs. The one thing I will say about their arcade versus Chuck E Cheese, is that people actually win a lot of tickets... I mean hundreds of tickets... crazy! But, it was a lot of fun and it makes a nice trip for a rainy, hot, or cold day. There is a resturaunt there too which we didn't go to, but have heard it's okay--- so happy playing friends!



Anonymous said...

We LOVE that place, too. Sooo much fun during the school year when kids are in school, the place is very calm then. I get exhausted playing there. : )

sandy said...

we loved having the little guy here. glad that you got to do something fun with the bigger kiddies (including the biggest kid;-)