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Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Excited for Our New Homeschool Year!!

The majority of our curriculum for next year arrived yesterday and today we tackled going through and combining the things from last year (which we still need a good deal of for my daughter) with all the "new to us" books ( I bought our set on ebay and saved somewhere around 600 dollars-- Ka ching!!). Sadly, all my "mommy's" books are going upstairs, but thats a job for tomorrow.

Of course my oldest son "booknapped" some books while I was making piles and then, his brother and sister confiscated the box-- already the first day and we're putting everything to good use!

And then, while I cleaned up lunch I looked over and saw my still not 6 year old reading this chapter book-- so proud of our bookworm!

But, enough about school-- we still technically have a few more weeks of summer vacation left-ahhhh ;0)

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