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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where we've been...

Hello friends-- I apologize for the long delay in logging-- but we lots our computer for a month and then it took us about a month to catch up one everything :)

We have officially begun school this year-- hello kindergaren and 2nd grade :) We're trying a new math curriculum-- Horizons and I really like it for my daughter, but am wondering if I should have kept my son with singapore-- hmmm... we shall see. He is adjusting to doing two jampacked pages wiht lots of various tasks-- I've found it helps for him to do some jumping jacks or grammar in the middle which is difficult for me as I like to do one task at a time and complete it and then do something else-- ahh, the world of various learning styles.

We have still been hopping around to various PA places and I look forward to telling y'all about some of our new and old finds that we love.

I have also been engaged with being an Independant Consultant with 31 and loving it-- they are such a great company to work for and most importantly, it has allowed Matt and I to give more abundantly to missions and that has been a huge blessing to us!

We are also on the verge or our birthday-two-month-extravaganza: in the span of about 2 months we have four birthdays amongst us and all these milestones make me wish we could freeze time and bottle it up. How can our baby be turning two and our oldest 6? It seems like we just bought home these two little bundles of boy and now one is off to toddler hood and the other to kid-domhood.

So, friends, thanks for your patience and I'll be back with more ;)

1 comment:

sandy said...

How could one of my baby's be turning Hmmmm 28!! Impossible!!!