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Friday, August 19, 2011

Places to Play in PA: Intercourse Factories

We love going to the Intercourse Canning Company-- the Kitchen kettle Village across the road gets a lot of the traffic and hype, but the products are much better here in our opinion. Their Blueberry applesauce and jams are some of the kids favorites! I like the salsas and peanut butters and Matt is a pickle and pepper relish guy--- they have something for everyone, plus you can watch them can on certain days of the week. They people who work there are so incredibly friendly. Now, I must confess, we tend to do a bit of grazing here and lots of snacking-- so if you can stay in Lancaster for the day, it's nice to get here at noonish and then hit a yummy smorgasborg in the area for an early dinner. http://www.intercoursecanning.com/

This was our first trip to the Intercourse Pretzel Factory tour, but everyone was so friendly and the kids had lots of fun making their own "pretend" pretzels. It was neat to hear how PA turns out so many pretzels for the country :) I do reccommend going on a cooler day as the factory doesnt have AC plus the heat from the ovens-- it can get a little toasty. We went on a nice 80 degree day and we're a little toasty-- a very nice fall or winter field trip.


Becky said...

here is the link for the pretzels--http://www.intercoursepretzelfactory.com/

angie said...

Hanna and I did the pretzel factory in Lititz several years ago. I think it is the oldest in the nation. I loved reading about the history of pretzels and pretzel making.