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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dance Fever!!

I would like to take the time to let the reader know that I love to dance.

Loving to dance and being able to dance are not the same thing, but thats a minor detail and there's really no point in splitting hairs.

I love to dance and have felt it essential to pass along this love to my children. We car dance, we living room runway dance, we disco, we do the bop, we twist, and occassionally my husband will intervene and put something from the 80's on.

That is why when we were at the Pittsburgh children's museum and they announced a DJ dance party, we literally spent more then 25% of our time at the museum dancing. i also like math, but that's another post entirely.

I was the only mama dancing, but that's okay-- as the DJ reminded us every 3 songs, dancing is good excercise and we should dance (he might have said excercise here, but again, lets not get all detailed) 30 minutes a day.

My kids made me proud too-- they new the YMCA, Happy and you know it (it was a kids museum), selena gomez, the twist, and Justin Bieber-- yeah, you know it!! I know it's against kid museum policy but I don't think a little Lady G would have killed anybody, but we did dance for ever! It was great-- the disco ball, the bubble machine all the things I imagine are in our living room. Perfect!

However, I did out dance my little guy. He said "No dance mommeee!" and then procedded to flip al the theater chairs up so noone could sit down. Then he proceeded to reflip them as he was pooped.

Then he was literally so tired, he couldn't bring himself to get all the way onto the chair.

It was at this moment when I, ahem, actually had no clue and kept dancing with the older two and then they two bailed on me and I had to finally do the decent mommy thing and leave the dancing for another day and snuggle all my tired little dancers.

More on pitts trip to follow....

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