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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another homeschool day

Two weeks ago I shared about our first day of homeschool and today was day 11 and it looked nothing like the first ten days. We have been going through a string of camps this month-- vbs, American girl ballet camp, and this week science camp and as much as I know my kids have enjoyed them, it has left me a little weary and a tad bit drained. We have also been having some character issues going on that needed some addressing and so for all those reasons, today looked very, very different.

We all got up at 8 this morning... Some friends of ours came over last night to talk over some issues we were having putting in a patio out back and we all stayed up later than normal.

Some showers and laundry sorting and by 9 we were having yogurt and sprinkles for breakfast and some Bible time too.

And then, it was time to go to the library for science camp. My son,is enjoying this very much and the younger kids and I have been having fun looking at books and playing while we wait.

Then my husband who had off for the morning took the kids to pick something up for lunch... Do to some issues earlier this week, we were in dire need of groceries.

After lunch with daddy, we all needed naps and rest. I snuggled with my younger son and then my daughter and then, ahem, I took a really good much needed nap as well. My older son did Legos and read quietly. Thank you Lord for a good nap once in awhile.

After nap time, they played while I made the grocery list and put a scavenger hunt together for the grocery store. Then we went grocery shopping and the older two did their hunts. I am sure there were many stares as they pointed and shouted there's someone with sneakers or a purple thing! But really, I feel like when I'm shopping that I am in my own little bubble with the kids. If you see me and I ignore you, it's not you, it's me. And my bubble filled with 3 kids.

After groceries, we cme home and had a simple lunch of PB&J wheat crackers, honey dew and milk. Sooooooo gourmet ;) don't be too jealous! I secretly sometimes love when that is what they want for dinner.... Sometimes simple is gourmet.

Then we headed out to the mud pit of a backyard and took the sheets down. It finally felt cooler, so we drove over to the high school and did some laps around the track to burn off some energy.

Afterwards, some rare tv time and popcorn with mommy and then we got ready for bed.

We are almost done our summer reading for the library so we read some of the books and then dear Caddie Woodlawn again. The kids were really into the story tonight so we stayed up and read another chapter. We could have read more, but we have camp in the morning and it was already late.

So, today was different and you may be wondering how I am counting this. But, that's the beauty of homeschool. It's not all about math, reading, and writing. Sometimes it's about sago ring the learning and working on training our children up in other areas as well. I think it can become to easy to be lost in teacher mom and not enjoy the learning with them. The thrill of whipping around the track, of reading some cool books, and of working on areas in our hearts and attitudes. It's all a blessing and learning experience and just can't be duplicated anywhere else but in the home.

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Katie said...

That sounds like an incredibly delightful day! Love reading about your parenting style!! Love ya girl!