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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Places to Play in PA- Elmwood Park Zoo

As you can tell from the pictures, we actually went here quite a while ago on a realy nice day back in February-- it was so nice out the kids were begging to take their coats off by the end of the trip! We drove down and met my mom and dad there for a very enjoyable sunday afternoon. The timing was perfect as we had been studying animals and their habitats in school, so it was nice to see some local and some exotic animals up close!

Elmwood is a lovely little zoo-- very well kept and bonus, or rather spoiler alert-- there is a playground in the zoo and that was a very nice surprise to find after walking around. The zoo goes in a circle and my 2 year old was able to walk/run the whole time (well, maybe a few rides on pop-pop's shoulders), but really-- when we went it wasn't crowded and the kids almost had it to themselves. We loved the jaguars and the bison. Sadly, the prarie dogs were hibernating and we couldn't see them that day, but their exhibit looked very well designed. The flamingos and seat otters also big hits-- but this was crazy, their were tons of vultures! And when they flew, they were huge and their wings made this crazy flapping sound. All of the ducks were hiding in the corner of their little pond and I don't blame them-- I have never seen so many in my life.

There are picnic areas and a lovely little shop where you won't feel any pressure to buy anything. Its so small scale and yet a perfect little zoo. Great parking and there is even another playground down the road that we stopped at.


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