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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Product Review-- The Mystery of History

We get asked pretty frequently which curriculum we use and we have asked numerous other families what they use. That is part of the beauty of homeschooling-- the sense of community and sharing that transpires. I wanted to share with you our History Curriculum for the year that I absolutely love.

Our children are all not the same age and I take it yours aren't either and thats part of the beauty of this curriculum. It gives you a little lesson to read infused with scriptures and God's truths as she takes you through the ancient civilizations. She provides something for younger children, middle children, and older children and leaves it up to you to pick which activity fits your child best and of course, you are more then welcome to do all 3. But this way you're all learning together and then doing something age specific-- a perfect plan in my mind.

Since we have only just begun, today we made a mini book on the 7 days of creation. The kids loved lifting the flaps and were so excited to create their own little re-telling of the story of creation.

History is amazing-- God's word and story of how we came to be even more so. This is a perfect pairing of the two and we are really enjoying discovering some of the mysteries of history. I have found the author Linda Hobar to be very enthusiastic about her topic and those using the books and that comes across on every page. Happy schooling!

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