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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Fun Thanks to Pinterest-- Frozen Toys

If you are not on pinterest, you really are missing out. It is worth your time to spend a couple of minutes and see how easy it is amd then to enjoy it.

I got this idea of freezing some of the kids toys in a block of ice off of pinterest. It is so simple, so easy to do and I just have a couple of tips to add to your summer fun.

1. It might be a good idea to wear some sunglasses as the ice tends to fly.
2. Provide some real hammers and supervise the activity and it will be much more gratifying to the whackers.
3. Freeze small and big things and things that float and won't float-- this will spread the objects out a bit within the ice
4. Think about adding some dye to the water for extra fun or freeze it in layers with different colors.

Above all, have fun and enjoy! We sure had ourselves a fun half hour ;) Happy summer!

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